Announcement Coming Soon!

So since getting my website back up, it’s been looking a little sparse. I wanted to throw a post up here, but I have nothing that I can announce yet! That’s why I’m just throwing this up here to let you know that an announcement regarding The War of the Supers is coming very soon. I already have the cover art for it, I’m just waiting until I get closer to the end of the book before I announce everything. Once I get the book finished, dates set with my editor, and rewrite the blurb a bajillion times, I’ll be ready to announce. I’ll be doing a cover, blurb, and release date reveal all at the same time, and to my mailing list subscribers first. Then a day or two later I’ll be posting to my blog and everywhere else. So if you want to be the first to know when you can pick up your copy of The War of the Supers, be sure you’re signed up to my mailing list. Head on over to or click on the link up at the top of the page to get on the list

Thanks everybody SO much for your support. I cannot wait for you to read this book!

Logan Rutherford

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