The Secret of the Supers

Three weeks after she goes missing, Kane and his friends haven’t found a single clue as to who took Samantha and why. When Supers begin popping up with eyes that glow white instead of blue, it’s almost too much for the group to handle. They think things can’t get any worse, until they get the news that their allies in London need their help. Kane is hesitant to put the search on hold, not wanting to leave one of his closest friends behind, especially with the mysterious white-eyes Supers around. That is, until Athena comes knocking, demanding Kane pay the debt he owes her for saving Doug.

For reasons he doesn’t fully understand, Kane finds himself oceans away from the people he cares about the most, thwarting The Legion of Richter’s advance on Europe. But when secrets are revealed and he discovers exactly what The Legion is doing all the way in London, it’s a race against time. Kane has to stay a step ahead of the enemy if he wants to save London, Samantha, and maybe even unlock the secret that will allow him to turn the tide of war against Atlas and The Legion.

With only three books in the series left, things are about to be kicked up a notch for Kane Andrews and crew. You don’t want to miss this! Pick up your copy today!