The War of the Supers: Cover, Blurb, and Release Date Reveal!

Hey there!
*whistles* Yeah, you know, not much to announce. Just dropping in and…oh wait, what’s this?

That cool?
First, the cover!

Can you say “Whoooaaaa”? Things are…uhhh…not looking good for our Heroes.

Next, the blurb!

In this third book of the bestselling “First Superhero” series, Kane Andrews (Tempest) has a war on his hands. Los Angeles and New York lie in ruins, the US government no longer exists, and Atlas is leading the Legion of Richter across America.

Tempest and his band of superhero fighters struggle to combat the Legion while protecting their small community in Dallas. Desperate for reinforcements, he and Holocene travel the world to recruit more Supers only to discover that Atlas’s reach extends far and wide.

To ensure their survival, Tempest and his forces must vanquish the Legion and slay Atlas, before the world is lost to their darkness.

Man, things are really not looking good! So when can you read the book to find out just how bad things are?

May 17th.

Just a little over a month away! I really wanted to have it out in April, but my editor didn’t have an opening until April 26th, so there’s no way an April release can happen.

Alright everybody, that’s all I’ve got for you today. What a packed post! Go ahead and comment on this letting me know what you’re most excited about for The War of the Supers! What about the cover, it’s awesome, huh? Let me know!

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One thought on “The War of the Supers: Cover, Blurb, and Release Date Reveal!

  1. Shane

    This is amazing news. I really enjoyed the audio books of the first 2 in the series. As of April 17,206, I tried to add it to and but its not fully up on Amazon with isbn yet. Feel the need to get this in my read queue asap.


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