The War of the Supers: Out Now!

Book Three in The First Superhero Series, The War of the Supers, is available now on Amazon! Click here to get your copy!

In this third book of the bestselling YA “First Superhero” series, Kane Andrews (Tempest) has a war on his hands. Los Angeles and New York lie in ruins, the US government no longer exists, and Atlas is leading the Legion of Richter on a rampage across America.

Tempest and his band of superhero fighters struggle to combat the Legion while protecting their small community in Dallas. Desperate for reinforcements, he and Holocene travel the world to recruit more Supers only to discover that what lies outside their borders might just be even more terrifying.

To ensure their survival, Tempest and his forces must vanquish the Legion and slay Atlas, before the world is lost to their darkness.

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Logan Rutherford

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2 thoughts on “The War of the Supers: Out Now!

  1. Anthony Lovesky

    When will this be printed? I have no intention of reading a book in electronic format, but I am very interested in continuing to read this series since I have the first two books and they are fantastic.

    1. Logan Rutherford Post author

      Hey Anthony! Sorry for the delayed response, WordPress never sent me notification of your comment. They’re going to be in print soon! Hopefully within the next month or so. I’m working on getting the print and ebook versions up simultaneously, so hopefully there won’t be a delay with future releases. Thanks for reading!


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